Hyde Park Cats 2016 Calendar Now Available – Cats in My Yard Featured for October

We are included again (!!!) in the Hyde Park Cats calendar for 2016.


This highlighted link includes instructions on how to order this calendar from hydeparkcats.org


Every cat in a trap here has a story that deserves to be shared and celebrated, which is pretty much why I started this blog in the first place. Here are their stories:


From left to right, top to bottom:


FIRST ROW, left to right:

Ferret, from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony, TNR’d in February 2012, and still feral and thriving outdoors. She has a cat bed outdoors with fresh, clean blankets every day. IMG01281-20121020-1306

Frostie MacCreamsicle, also from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony, TNR’d in March 2012. He is friendly so I fostered him and he was adopted by my friends, Eliya and Mary.


Whip, the orange cat, is from the Boonie Colony, TNR’d in March 2015. We have not seen him since he was TNReturned outside, but he comes from a very large colony that is fed daily by a feeder who lets the cats in and out of his basement. IMG_0457

I trapped this tabby cat from the Eleanor Rigby Colony in March 2015. I let him go right away – he was already ear tipped but I don’t know who originally TNR’d him. There are multiple feeders on every block in this area. IMG_0655


SECOND ROW, left to right:


Wally, the black cat, from the V Colony, was TNR’d in May 2014. He was very friendly and very sick – the first vet I took him to advised me to euthanize him. I took him to another vet for a second opinion. He tested positive for FeLV, then reversed the test results, and was adopted by my friends Carlin and Kathy in St. Louis. Now over a year later he is still very much alive and thriving in their home. 12212066_868127303256882_1569841162_n

Garfield, the long-haired orange cat from the Armando Colony, was TNR’d in December 2014. I still see him periodically when I visit. IMG_0372

Mala, the black cat, also from the Armando Colony, was TNR’d in December 2014. She was very feral and also returned to Armando’s house once she recovered from her surgery.


Cosmo Moon Eyes, this black and white cat from the Peacock Colony, was TNR’d in August 2014. He is still around and being fed according to his feeder, Ashley, a young girl in junior high who learned all about TNR from this process. IMG_7741


THIRD ROW, left to right:


Mr. Friendly, the brown tabby and white cat from the Rockstar Colony, definitely lived up to his name. He was TNR’d in February 2012 and his feeders wanted to keep him as an indoor/outdoor cat. He was still thriving later that year and I would see him periodically throughout the neighborhood. Unfortunately the following year he was killed by a car. My rescue neighbor and friend Kim found him and gave him a proper burial as he deserved. RIP Mr. Friendly. IMG01278-20121020-1302

None, the grey cat, was the first to be TNR’d from the Chester Colony in March 2015.  none

Joann tried to foster her indoors for a bit, but None turned out to be feral and was ultimately returned outside. Their feeder Chester feeds daily and they have shelter in this garage. IMG_0972

Popcorn, the brown and white tabby from the front yard of my very own colony, James Gang Colony, was TNR’d in September 2014. I named him Popcorn because he kept trying to pop out of the trap and made a mess inside the entire time. He is feral and still visits my front yard feeding station at night, although I have no idea where he goes otherwise. IMG_7992

Apple, also from the Chester Colony, was about five months old when we trapped her and her sister Ava in March 2015. Joann could not bear to put them back outside without trying to socialize them first. She ended up keeping both of these sisters where they are living their lives indoors with her and her other five pet cats. IMG_1076

We can’t wait to get these calendars to distribute as gifts for the holidays!














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Brother from Another Mother

Otherwise known as “Poses with Pink Noses.”


Frostie wants to help find homes for all of our foster kittens!


Here he is helping us network Tigger. Or maybe he wants to adopt a little brother for himself? 12185476_10153399938481492_644498291077448788_o

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Thanks to Eliya and Mary for the Cat Food Donation!

Eliya and Mary adopted Frostie Mac Creamsicle when he showed up in the Jose and the Pussycats Colony in 2013.


Frostie was clearly friendly right away. He also had a head wound that was treated. IMG_0448

His trapping was immortalized forever in this TNR video.


Eliya and Mary donated extra cat food they bought to help Frostie with his food allergies: Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d for Skin/Food Sensitivities, wet and dry food. Please let me know if you know of a colony cat that may have allergy issues and could use this food! IMG_3491

I used the opportunity to visit with all of them. Frostie is quite a lover, and I’m forever grateful to Eliya and Mary for providing him a wonderful home! IMG_3315 IMG_3322

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Lots of Changes with the Outdoor Cats from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony

Last month there was a lot going on with the Jose and the Pussycats Colony.


Betty diedNoche Nariz disappeared.


And the feeders had bought a pair of Siamese male cats for $1000 from a breeder in Indiana. They keep them indoors, but they weren’t fixed. Luckily I managed to convince them to take them to the vet clinic for free neuter packages. Their names are Ruby 1 and Ruby 2. I called the clinic on their behalf, and showed up to escort the feeders there.


A lot of this was confusing to keep track of because the feeders don’t return my calls – I have to show up in person to talk to them and arrange everything and get updates on the cats. I had no idea they bought those cats a year ago because I never thought to ask about indoor cats, only outdoor ones. There’s also a lot of people involved here – this is a family spread out in three houses.


In the midst of all this, an orange cat had showed up at their feeding station. He was super friendly, and luckily he was already ear tipped.  IMG_8680

Which means he was TNR’d already. I’m pretty sure I’m not the one who did that – I didn’t recognize him. The feeders wanted me to adopt him out, but there was too much going on at the time. I told them to keep feeding, and to keep an eye on him. Maybe I could even find his owner. He was certainly friendly enough.


I went by there again today and one of the family members came out and thanked me for taking the orange cat. I said I didn’t take him. She said that he hasn’t been around anymore. I had to laugh because I only wish it was so easy for me to just “take” cats off the street. So many are friendly and shelters are perpetually full. The shelter has even had multiple staff members at this site for the past few years telling me how friendly all of the cats are. I did manage to foster and adopt out Frostie from there. Fingers crossed that perhaps the orange cat just went home once winter hit, or that another neighbor took it upon themselves to help a cat out. If that’s the case, I’d love to meet them.

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TNR One-Take Video

TommyCat Lee shows up to teach Frostie Mac Creamsicle about Trap-Neuter-Return, TNR, the humane method of managing and reducing the number of feral and stray cats outside.

Frostie Mac is the eighth cat to be TNR’d from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony. TommyCat Lee was already TNR’d in 2012 from the Rockstar Colony.

Frostie Mac Creamsicle (white cat): Tuna? Tuna!

TommyCat Lee (black cat): Tuna! Are you sure it’s not a trap?

Frostie Mac Creamsicle: What’s a trap?  Hmm, I don’t think so. Crap!

TommyCat Lee: It’s a trap!

Frostie Mac: What’s a trap?

TommyCat Lee: You’re trapped and next you’ll be neutered.

Frostie Mac: What’s a neuter?

TommyCat Lee: You will be fixed, vaccinated, recovered and then returned.

Frostie Mac: Returned where?

TommyCat Lee: See you here in a few days, buddy.

Frostie Mac: Wait!

TommyCat Lee: Trap-Neuter-Return!

Frostie Mac: Hmm, tuna!

Stay tuned for more tuna!

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