Mother Colony

Saving Sunny, the Cat with the Broken Leg and Hip

A neighbor contacted me about a cat lying under a car all day not moving. I immediately went over and found the cat hobbling around, looking for shelter. One of his back legs was swollen and dangling. This took place during the solar eclipse so I named this cat Sunny, who also remained sweet and… Read more »

2015 Trap Neuter Return Case Study

Since 2007 I TNR’d 183 cats from 20 colony sites within one square mile around me. Today there are only 51 cats from that total left outside. That is a 72% reduction rate in nine years. I am very happy with these numbers and track them carefully. I visit these colony sites and their feeders all the time… Read more »

The Costs of Cat Colony Caregiving

There is a lot of invested time, effort and money needed to help the feral cat colonies. But I wanted to share the numbers here to show what can be done, that it’s not impossible, and to thank all of you again so much for your support. Also, I know there are people out there who… Read more »

TNR Is Proven to Work in Cook County

Many pro-TNR advocates came to today’s hearing at the Commissioner’s  office. The numbers in this article speak for themselves: TNR works. There are less free-roaming cats outside ever since the Managed Care of Feral Cats Ordinance was passed in 2007. I’m obsessed with the Cat Math of TNR. I want to highlight and quote here the most… Read more »