Feral Cat Webcam

The Feral Cat Webcam offers a glimpse into the life of a feral cat colony in Chicago, Illinois. Watch as these neutered feral cats interact with each other, eat, sleep, and play.

Why the Feral Cat Webcam?

Feral cats do not like to eat in front of their humans. We started this webcam to monitor who’s eating, and when new cats come into the colony who may need to be Trap Neuter and Returned, TNR’ed.  Common to the colony these days are Grey cat, Bouncy Bear, Funny Face, and you may even see the elusive Puffy McWondertail the long haired Snuffalufagus.

Learn More

To learn more about the cats of the colony, and how they are cared for, visit the James Gang Colony page.  Find out more about Trap Neuter Return, and how it is the humane way to lower outside, feral cat populations, visit our Resources section.