Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies’ Feral Friends Network

I signed up to be listed in Alley Cat Allies’ Feral Friends Network. It’s a way for people who are looking to help the outdoor cats to connect with each other. If you are looking for feral cat resources, you can contact Alley Cat Allies to email you a list of Feral Friends in your area to help you help… Read more »

How to Find a Home for a Friendly Stray Cat Outside

Thank you for wanting to help that cat! Alley Cat Allies offers expert advice on How to Find Homes for Stray Cats. Here is the full text in case you are having problems with the link: How to Find Homes for Stray Cats When caring for a feral cat colony and performing Trap-Neuter-Return, you are… Read more »

How TNR Started for Me

I first learned about Trap Neuter Return, or TNR, in 2004 because a cat that looked pretty sick showed up in my yard and would not let me near it. I went online and found out about TNR and how it worked from Alley Cat Allies, a national organization that advocates for the humane treatment of outdoor feral cats. From… Read more »