43 Cats and Counting

We’re still not totally sure how many cats and kittens are within the Creole Colony and Danny’s house. Currently Heather and I have counted up to 43 felines that we know about.


But we’ve made a lot of progress the last two weeks. Six more adult cats were spayed/neutered, and ten additional kittens were pulled from the site. Before that we TNR’d 14 adults and admitted five kittens into Tree House. There are still a few more that we know about but have never seen. I don’t doubt there are even still more that he never told us about.


Last time I wrote about this hoarder situation, Danny was asking us to bring in three sick cats to the clinic. When Heather went to pick them up, he gave her two cats, Blackie and Big Yellow.


They turned out not be sick at all. They had fleas, ear mites, and some dental disease, but overall they looked great and even tested negative for FIV/FeLV. Blackie


In fact, they were healthy enough to be neutered, but this had to be scheduled at another time. When Heather brought the cats back to Danny he was fine in paying the $95 exam fee and agreed to have the cats neutered the following week. Then he admitted that there were four kittens in his kitchen, about a month old. He hid that from us previously.


He also said he was going to “steal four cats from a bad situation,” and that we could bring them in for spay/neuter surgeries once he got them. We had no idea what that meant. Heather pleaded with him not to do that.


But Heather made six s/n appointments for the following week in preparation just in case. We were really hoping he would not “steal” any more cats. Danny obviously doesn’t need more cats.


The next week he did indeed have six cats ready in traps and carriers ready for our friend Tanya to pick up. Blackie, Yellow, and four cats that he did not steal. Now he admitted these four cats actually were already in his house, he just never told us about them. It is ironic that Danny keeps accusing us of deceiving him, when he is the one who consistently lies, telling us each different stories.


All six adult cats received full TNR packages, including Blackie and Yellow. IMG_1598

And the four “new” cats, including Mone. IMG_1596

Little Princess. IMG_1597

Sonny Boy. IMG_1599

And Yellow. IMG_1600

He also relinquished the four kittens from the kitchen. They were admitted to Tree House. IMG_1595 11206828_10153227992814098_8632979580816268043_o

Unfortunately they also tested positive for ringworm, so the shelter is currently (and understandably) unable to admit the other six kittens from the back porch because they are from the same house. This was a kick in the teeth for us because the longer Danny holds onto a cat, the less likely he will relinquish them. We did not want him to bond with the kittens.


Heather worked really hard and managed to find a foster for these six kittens. They will be tested for ringworm, although we are crossing our fingers that they will test negative. The process takes weeks.


Tonight Heather and I went to Danny’s house to pick them up. They are absolutely gorgeous. IMG_1608

Sadly our conversation with Danny was once again very disturbing. The cat that was born in the back porch and lived there his entire life is sick. Danny brought him to his vet and he is staying there overnight.


Danny also talked about the cats that have died under his care. It seems like he sometimes brings to the vet, but sometimes he doesn’t. He definitely loves them, but he is delusional about the care that he gives them.


I don’t doubt he loves the cats, because he is always talking about protecting them. And frankly they are all he has. Whenever he talks about anything else in his life that doesn’t have to do with the animals, it is clear he is extremely angry, stressed out and exhausted. He talked about moving away with his cats because it is so difficult to care for his sick mother. She needs full time care, and he is getting very little help with that. They argue constantly. There is another elderly man that lives there as well that he cares for. This man’s family needs to step in. Danny’s family needs to step in.


Danny does favors constantly for people on his block, and they take advantage of him. At the same time, he is letting them. He is not caring for himself properly, and as a result, has become extremely bitter. It is very difficult to discuss these things with him, but it is clear he wants to talk. He is letting it out on us, although I assume if we were to suggest any sort of therapy he would refuse. So we just listen, make suggestions if we can, and try to move forward. We’re also struggling with our own emotions during these conversations because our focus is on the animals. It is heartbreaking to hear about how they die under his care.


At this point it’s also clear how much he trusts Heather during these conversations. He looks at her mostly. I am more of the enforcer – I ask specific questions to peel back the layers of his story to get to the truth. He knows that, but he is also answering me, and we take it with a grain of salt. He chooses to forget some of the truth. He was horrified by the cardboard carrier box we brought for the kittens. He does not want them to go into any sort of “cage,” so we led him to believe that the kittens will be free to roam in Heather’s house. It’s the only way to get him to comply.


In the midst of this conversation, he also mentioned he knew where the outdoor mama calico cat keeps her kittens. They are now weaned. We are hoping to also get them admitted to a shelter, and to TNR the mama cat.


We also made appointments for the two remaining mama cats indoors with him to be spayed next week. We are hoping that the sick back porch cat will be well enough to be neutered as well. But we are also assuming that there may be more “surprises” and more cats to be fixed. We are taking it week by week for now.



Barb G says:

Wow, this is such a complicated situation… I wish we could trust that some “senior assistance” could be gotten from the City for him, but getting the city involved in anything can end badly. He probably could use “housekeeper” help. Is there at least a visiting nurse who looks in on the elderly woman?
We can only hope that keeping the focus on the cats may eventually get him to open up to the idea of getting some help, even if it’s only people giving him a hand with the housework and elder care…. God bless you guys for your good work!

Maryann Collins says:

You and Heather have achieved amazing things here. I am so impressed. If cats built things, they would make a huge statue in honor of you both. Of course, they would probably also bring dead rodents to place at its base as a token of appreciation.

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