Acclimating Cats to Traps

Here is Dice and Funny Face bonding for a looooooooooong time before their dinner for two in a Tru-Catch Trap that I kept zip-tied open for a few weeks. They’re so cute together – after their love fest, they both went in the opposite ends of the trap (at minute 1:25) to eat the food I placed in the middle. It’s like the spaghetti dinner scene from Lady and Tramp, only for feral colony cats!



Keeping the traps zip-tied open helps acclimate the cats to them and they stop noticing the difference. In this case, I wanted to re-trap Dice because he was drooling and I was concerned about his health. When I was ready to take him to the vet, I was able to re-trap him within a few hours of setting everything up.


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