Another Colony Cat Adopted Off the Street

This cat from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony was officially adopted off the street three months ago. IMG_8680

I ran into one of the feeders today and she told me the good news. She said a woman kept coming by, and because he was so friendly, she wanted to adopt him. The feeder helped wrangle him into her car. She said they run into each other once in awhile and he is now a happy house cat.


Eleven outdoor cats were TNR’d here. The population is now down to about 4-6 cats that feed here regularly. TNR works! I’m always happy to hear about one more cat off the street!


My only hesitation is that I wish they would let me know, as the microchip information should then be transferred to the new adopter. In this case, I am pretty sure I did not TNR this cat – he showed up from another colony – but it is always good to trace the chip and get their paperwork correct so that this cat can always be returned to the correct place. It’s one of the glitches of TNR – there are several cats that I am trying to transfer the chip info to the new adopter.

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