Another Puffy, the Long-Haired Colony Cat, Sighting

Puffy McWondertail, aka Snuffleupagus, aka The Street Sweeper, came for breakfast today. Jim took these photos of him, because he’s a rare sight. First, he always sits on the round concrete table in the catio. IMG_4818_2

And then he gets closer. IMG_4813

One day I am determined to get a nice shot of him because he is so handsomely puffy, but he will not stay in the yard with us. I still wonder if he belongs to someone because he does not sleep in the outdoor cat houses, and disappears for days at a time. I also haven’t TNR’d many long-haired cats, which is a good thing. Their ample fur is great for warmth, but many of them become matted and need to be shaved. Puffy actually looks pretty well-groomed, which is also why I wonder if someone is out there brushing him.


But he’s addicted to wet food, especially as it gets colder. When he hears us open the back door, he appears magically at all hours of the day and night now. So he must be near by.

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