Biker Involved in a Hit and Run, Rescues Kitten Injured in Another Hit and Run, Same Day, Same Street

A car hit Connor and threw him off his bike while he was commuting to work Tuesday on North Avenue in Bucktown. The driver just waved to him and drove away. Connor was not injured but his bike was totaled.


Later that same day, while walking home with his girlfriend, Ashley, on that same stretch of North Avenue a block away from where he was hit, they saw a kitten dart out into traffic and also get hit by a car. She limped back to the sidewalk. This driver also did not stop. Other people saw but did nothing. Connor and Ashley scooped up the kitten and took her home with them.


They then took her to their vet.

X-rays revealed two bones in her right front toes were broken. Thankfully the other toes can act as a splint and she only has to wear a bandage to keep her foot immobile during the healing process, which will take about eight weeks. She also has to wear a cone. Both will be adjusted during regular vet visits as she is still growing.


The vet gave her pain meds, fully vaccinated her, and she tested FIV-FeLV-.  She is not spayed and they did not find a microchip. Her spay surgery will come later. This vet was very kind and did not charge for most of these services.


Connor named the kitten Crash and they took her home. They are going to fully recover her, get her spayed, and will try to permanently adopt her into their home. Connor and Ashley already have another pet cat they adopted last year from our area so they will do the slow introduction first as Crash recovers. They live right down the street from me and also feed and care for the feral cats here.


When I visited Crash, Ashley bought her outside during our visit because of the set up in her apartment. Is that not the cutest bandage you’ve ever seen?

She has all of the usual energy and sass of a kitten. She is absolutely filthy and was probably on the street for some time.

Otherwise they’re keeping Crash indoors from now on in their office room, where Crash has found ways already to jump up on their desk despite her limited mobility.


Ashley and Connor did keep their eyes out for lost cat posters in that area but it is doubtful they will find an owner. If they end up not being able to keep Crash, they already have friends willing to adopt her.


Which is not surprising, she’s absolutely adorable, very friendly, and will make a great pet cat! Who could resist this face?

Thank you, Connor and Ashley, for rescuing Crash and for all that you do for the outdoor cats!

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