Bonded Feral Cats

These two TNR’d cats from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony are constantly together.


Feral or domesticated, cats are social animals that can develop strong bonds to each other, and their caregiver.


I’ve been doing TNR and managing this colony for their feeder since 2011. This feline friendship seems to have developed within the past year or so. It’s become more noticeable to me recently as I was looking through photos, and the fact the colony has gotten smaller. Some cats, including Noche, disappeared. And Betty died.


This grey and black bonded pair eat together. IMG_5336

And they have some mutual territorial agreement with Ferret, the cat on the left. All of these cats are always on the front steps, but Ferret gets a cat bed to herself.


Even with the recent construction of the new steps. IMG_8944

If Ferret leaves, they’ll hang out together in that bed as well. IMG_8766

I think they’re so comfortable now in their territory, that they didn’t even move the other day when I climbed up the stairs to visit the feeders.  IMG_8946

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