Jose and the Pussycats Colony

Camera Shy Cats

These cats think they’re hiding from me. Can you see Fleece? He’s from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony. After I TNR’d him he showed up again with a collar on. He must have gotten friendlier after his surgery. This cat is “new,” not ear tipped, but also had a collar on. She thought I… Read more »

The Rockstar Colony Has a New Home!

The caregiver for Kitty Farrell, the tripod cat, read about the Rockstar Colony losing their home. She came by yesterday and dropped off a cat food donation for them!┬áThank you! I’m always blown away by how much people care and want to help. By the way, Kitty Farrell is pretty much healed from her hind… Read more »

TNR One-Take Video

TommyCat Lee shows up to teach Frostie Mac Creamsicle about Trap-Neuter-Return, TNR, the humane method of managing and reducing the number of feral and stray cats outside. Frostie Mac is the eighth cat to be TNR’d from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony. TommyCat Lee was already TNR’d in 2012 from the Rockstar Colony. Frostie… Read more »

Outdoor Cat Houses In My Community

Feral cats know how to find shelter from the cold, just like other wild animals outside. If you provide shelter, they will use it. The James’ Gang Colony cats in my yard have a Feral Villa and another insulated outdoor cat house filled with straw that we built for them. For my neighbor’s feral and… Read more »

I Feel Even Luckier When an Eartipped Black Cat Crosses My Path

Remember this post? Today I saw this. Same cat time, same cat channel. Different cat. This was a black cat with an ear tip, also from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony. It reminded me of the deja vu scene from The Matrix. They must be leaving secret messages for each other over there.

I Feel Lucky When an Eartipped Cat Crosses My Path

This eartipped cat posed perfectly at the end of a garden path during my morning run. She was visiting the Jose and the Pussycats Colony even though she was not TNR’ed there. I don’t really recognize her, but I recognize the eartip, which is the universal sign that this cat has been TNR’ed and I… Read more »