The Rockstar Colony Has a New Home!

The caregiver for Kitty Farrell, the tripod cat, read about the Rockstar Colony losing their home. She came by yesterday and dropped off a cat food donation for them! Thank you!

I’m always blown away by how much people care and want to help. By the way, Kitty Farrell is pretty much healed from her hind leg amputation. Today the caregiver is going to start slowly releasing her from the dog crate to see how she will react to being in a bigger room.

The Rockstar Colony is doing well. Their new feeder is feeding about three cats at this point: Pepe, Mama Cass Cat and Cheezburger Cat.

There’s a lot of commotion on their block because of the construction work where their old home used to be. There are already three foundations for new homes put in the ground. I think the rest of the colony migrated permanently towards the Jose and the Pussycats Colony the next block over. We’re not sure where they sleep at night now that they lost their shelter, but I have outdoor cat houses all over the area so hopefully they will figure it out by the time it gets really cold.

The Rockstar Colony’s new feeder also told me all three cats are welcome to stay inside with her! Pepe, now named Lightning because of the white lightning bolt stripe on his front leg, is already taking her up on her offer. It remains to be seen about the other two cats. I’m very excited because I wanted to try to adopt out Pepe Lightning last year since he was so friendly, but the original feeders insisted on keeping all the cats, especially him. It worried me because he was just too friendly for his own good to be outside all the time.

Now Pepe Lightning and his friends gets fed all the time and there’s no confusion about where they belong. I'll have what he's having.

I’ll have what he’s having.


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