Do I Look Like Lil Bub Now?

Dash does his best Lil Bub impersonation in honor of her visit to Chicago this week. What do you think?    

Quick and Easy Ideas for Low-Cost Outdoor Cat Shelters

I made a few outdoor cat shelters with the help of my cat, Mooha. Mooha is an indoor cat, but she comes outside in my enclosed garden with me. She wanted to check out each shelter for herself. These two outdoor feral cat shelters are very easy to make. The materials were free – I… Read more »

Using a Drop Trap to Catch Feral Cats

I rented a drop trap from Tree House Humane Society for the first time. This is what it looks like set up in my garage. You set the food under the trap, wait for the cat to go under, and then pull the string attached to the stick so that it drops to the ground…. Read more »

Feral Cat Myth #1: Cats Live Short, Miserable Lives Outdoors

Out of all the myths about cats, the myth that feral cats live short, miserable lives outdoors is the one that drives me crazy the most. It is pretty much why I started this blog. This blog chronicles the lives of the feral cat colonies that I TNR, trap-neuter-return, and continue to care for with… Read more »

Update on Babalu, the Friendly Cat from the Rockstar Colony

Babalu is now fully vetted and available for adoption. His paw is now bandage-free and almost healed thanks to all of you who shared his story, and the amazing donations from rescue friends Trudy, Mary, Eliya, Doug, Bonnie, Erica, Rob, Ella, Rhodri, Mari, Dorota, Colin and Dawn! Your generosity helped cover more than half of… Read more »

Babalululu Greets Me On My Morning Runs

Babalululu is a big black and white stray cat from the Rockstar Colony that comes out from a bush to greet everyone and see if they have food for him. What do you think happened next?  

Dude, Last Night Was AWESOME

Look who’s back! It’s been awhile, but today I saw Moby Dick the stray cat napping again at the La Vida Lydia Colony. He’s named that because so far he has eluded every trap I have set for him. In the meantime, Big Boy the orange feral cat was TNR’d two years ago, and I’ve… Read more »