I Feel Even Luckier When an Eartipped Black Cat Crosses My Path

Remember this post? Today I saw this. Same cat time, same cat channel. Different cat. This was a black cat with an ear tip, also from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony. It reminded me of the deja vu scene from The Matrix. They must be leaving secret messages for each other over there.

Caring for Colony Cats in the Cold Weather

Good morning from the James’ Gang Colony cats in my yard! I found Dice and Honey Bouncy Bear doing just fine in the colder weather. They were snuggling in the cat house, but they came right out for breakfast. Here are some great tips for caring for stray cats and feral cats in the winter.

I Feel Lucky When an Eartipped Cat Crosses My Path

This eartipped cat posed perfectly at the end of a garden path during my morning run. She was visiting the Jose and the Pussycats Colony even though she was not TNR’ed there. I don’t really recognize her, but I recognize the eartip, which is the universal sign that this cat has been TNR’ed and I… Read more »

20,000 Outdoor Cats TNR’ed in Cook County

Today I went to an open house for animal rescue groups at Chicago Animal Care and Control. It was a chance for all the groups to meet while discussing their plans moving forward to reducing the number of animals killed in shelters in Chicago. All areas of rescue, from foster organizations to adoptions to shelters… Read more »

Cats In My Yard on Youtube

Mini is the only cat in my yard that made it into my home, and joined my other two cats, Mowpa and Mooha. She started coming around in 2005 where I fed her outside for six months before she decided she wanted to come inside. My initial intention was to adopt her out, but she… Read more »

Outdoor Heated Water Bowls for Feral and Stray Cats

Every year, the temperatures drop after the holidays, along with my mood. I’m not a fan of winter. But my mood picked up when I saw the James’ Gang Colony cats in my yard lounging all morning, looking totally comfortable in their environment. These particular cats in my yard have been around for a few… Read more »

Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2013

Part of being a registered cat colony caretaker per the 2007 Cook County Managed Care of Feral Cats Ordinance 07-O-72 is submitting the information on all of the cats you have TNR’ed. I just submitted my updated colony information to Tree House. I’ve been registered with them since 2007. This was a great way for… Read more »

Outdoor Cat Colonies Crossover

Today was a beautiful sunny winter day so I decided to go for a run. I ran by the Peacock Colony and saw Checkers lounging in someone’s yard. No matter what else is going on in there, I can always find the cats in other people’s yards. Checkers is actually part of the Eleanor Rigby… Read more »

Chiminea Cat

Honey Bouncy Bear found a new use for our chiminea. She’s a part of our James’ Gang Colony and has been coming to our yard regularly since being TNR’ed in May of 2011 at PAWS Chicago.

Update on Hoarder Home

The hoarder home owners of the Stealers Wheel Colony have become unpredictable and the indoor TNR part of this project will have to wait until after the holidays. This project is much more than I can handle on my own. They are not just hoarders. There are many, many other problems in this house. The… Read more »