Charlie Chaplin Colony Kittens are All Adopted!

These four kittens from the Charlie Chaplin Colony were scooped up by Melanie T. while while we were trapping the rest of the cats that she feeds back in October.


They’ve been in foster care ever since, first with my friend Jennifer T., another feral cat colony caregiver in my Humboldt Park neighborhood, and then with Kim V., who lives close to Melanie in Avondale. We’ve done A LOT of TNR in Avondale this year.


Last week the kittens were all admitted into PAWS Chicago’s no-kill shelter and were adopted almost immediately, which was no surprise. These photos show why. We’re so happy to get four more kittens off the street and wish them the best in their new lives off the street! img_9657 img_9658 img_9664 img_9668 img_9679 img_9681 img_9685 img_9694 img_9702 img_9705

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