Chicago TNR

All week I’ve been distributing the huge bales of straw that I picked up as a donation earlier this summer.


This straw will be used as insulation in outdoor cat houses to help keep the cats warm.


One of my straw pit stops was with Georgie of Chicago TNR. You can learn more about her TNR work here. And here.


Of course I made a Feral Flowers bouquet for her. And of course Mooha helped me. Mooha and Feral Flowers

I should deliver flowers more often. It made my catty wagon so pretty! Catty Wagon Feral Flowers delivery

While I was there Billy from Chicago TNR’s feral cat colony came out to see what was going on.  Billy from the Chicago TNR Colony

I also met one of her current foster kittens named Trey, rescued from the streets in Englewood. Chicago TNR foster kitten, Trey

Trey will be available for adoption soon when he’s old enough and fully vetted. He is friendly and really liked George.

Georgie and Trey

I couldn’t resist holding him as well. Trey and Me

I love visiting with my animal rescue friends because their support rejuvenates me and keeps me keeping on.


At this point the straw is almost all gone, but it’s almost that time of year where you can find it everywhere, even in the city. Once October hits, bales of straw are sold as Halloween decorations in pumpkin lots, Home Depots, and various grocery stores.

Bernie says:

You can also buy straw or hay from The Feed Store at 5408 South Harlem Ave, Summit, IL 60501. Their phone number is (708) 458-1327.

Very reasonable and less expensive than Walmart.

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