Clara and Darren, the Kitten Twins, are Adopted!

We rescued Clara and Darren from the Kitchen Colony a month ago.


Since then they were fostered and cared for by Elissa F., the owner of Rockstar Pets.


Elissa did an amazing job socializing this kitten duo!


Darren is a total kitten and loves to play. IMG_3785

Clara is hilarious – she hisses and then rolls over to show you her belly for pets. IMG_3797

We reached out through social media to find potential adopters and shelters to admit them into their adoption program.


In the meantime Patrice fully vetted them for $796. If you’d like to make a donation to cover their care you can do so through Paypal at [email protected]


I’m happy to report that Patrice’s friend, Maria, adopted Clara and Darren together! This outcome is always a dream come true. We can’t wait to get updates from their new home!

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