Clover Wants to Stay Indoors

Clover was adopted off the street by a neighbor last fall. We crossed our fingers that she would want to stay permanently.


Casey, her caregiver, just sent this photo. Thank you, Casey! The adoption is a success! 11040421_10204228894218631_532850188_o

Clover is from the now “retired” Eleanor Rigby Colony. She was the one cat from that colony that did everything on her own terms. I couldn’t trap her initially with the rest of the cats. Until she had kittens. Then I was able to trap her and her kittens and kept them indoors with me for a month. The kittens were socialized and adopted, but Clover still acted feral. So I TNReturned her back to the colony. Throughout the years she went through three feeders until she found Casey. She warmed up to Casey, and would visit her indoors. Casey couldn’t keep her, but another neighbor, Amanda, found Clover and let her inside, and it’s clearly working well six months later. Cheers to Amanda and Clover!

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