When a Colony Cat Gets Adopted from Another Colony

This year I’ve had several cats visit other colony caregivers for food and shelter. Sometimes they stay to establish new colonies, and sometimes they get adopted, like Babalu and Star.

Robert F. Cattedy first showed up in my yard this past June. He was a bold and beautiful tabby, and looked a lot like my cat Mowpa. Mowpa died this past winter and I miss him terribly. I thought for sure I was going to adopted Robbie into my home because he seemed friendly. Robert F. Cattedy takes over my yard and pays no attention to Dice.

Robert F. Cattedy takes over my yard and pays no attention to Dice.

I trapped Robbie right away in a humane Tru-catch trap. Robert F. Cattedy in the trap He acted fierce and feral and wouldn’t look at me, so I took him for his TNR spa treatment at the clinic.

He never seemed to calm down during his recovery, so I decided to return him outside. He was not destined to be adopted into my home after all.

Robbie came back to visit a few times, but he never let me near him. The James’ Gang Colony cats in my yard did not seem willing to accept him. They had a few stand-offs. Funny Face faces off with Robbie.

Funny Face faces off with Robbie.

Eventually Robbie stopped visiting.

About a month ago I got an email from another neighbor who told me about a cat visiting her yard.  Robert F. Cattedy at his new home It turns out it was Robert F. Cattedy! I was familiar with her block because I had seen orange cats over there and named her alley the Ginger Colony. She is feeding him, providing him with outdoor shelter, and named him Newt. He is also going in and out of her home. She said he is welcome to stay indoors permanently if he chooses to do so. I knew he was somewhat friendly, and am happy to see he found a home more fitting for him.

This also shows how important it is to network with other neighbors. The cats are fed in other people’s yards, and it’s great to know they are cared for by the whole community. That is part of a successful TNR program.

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