Come See Outdoor Cat Houses All Over Chicago Today

We added another feral cat shelter to our yard yesterday. Now we have three wood shelters for the cat colony to choose from, and all three will have heating pads. The original cat house is to the right with the cat feeding station, and the new one is on the left, made from following Alley Cat Allies’s instructions. There is also a Feral Villa hidden behind plants in the middle. Can you see Dash and Dice checking everything out? new outdoor cat house If you want to see examples of outdoor cat houses, or learn how to make one, there are two events today, 10/27, to choose from.

In Bridgeport, you can see cat houses made by artists on display for a new project called The Terraformer Advancement Towards Interspecific Communication, curated by Christopher Smith. This project is in a vacant lot south of 3216 S. Morgan, open today, 10/27, from 2-6pm. 

In Uptown, if you want to learn how to make outdoor cat shelters, or purchase one, Tree House Humane Society is hosting their annual Winter Preparedness Fest from 1-4pm, at 1212 W. Carmen.

They will have community cat shelters for sale for $15 and $20. Here’s an example of their larger $20 Rubbermaid bin feral cat shelter. There is enough room for 2-3 cats in there.

Pepe and his new shelter You might even get lucky and see Al, their resident outdoor colony cat. Al, Tree House colony cat

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