Cozumel Cats

Earlier this year we went on vacation to Cozumel, Mexico. The all-inclusive resort we stayed at was filled with cats.


But these cats were ear tipped. Every. Single. One.


A quick Google search revealed that the Iberostar hotel chain participates in TNR with local rescue groups. Once the cats are TNR’d, their staff continues to feed them at Cat Cafes.


Apparently “all-inclusive” also includes the cats.


It made a great vacation even better to know that these cats, who of course still came around for food because they’re no dummies, were cared for. These cats were fixed, fed, and were living in heaven. They looked healthy, and were fairly acclimated to humans, but clearly enjoyed their outdoor life. They wanted a bit of food, not pets.


Here’s the view when we flew in. Heaven!

Cozumel from the air

Our resort was like a sanctuary for a variety of animals, including Mr. Iberostar the Iguana.


Iguanas in my yard.

And peacocks.

Peacocks in my yard.

Lots of peacocks. IMG_6329

Peacocks that followed us around. IMG_6331

And followed the cats around. IMG_6262

But really, the cats and the peacocks pretty much ignored each other. IMG_6266

This Cozumel Cat Colony consisted of about a dozen cats, and they lounged all through the resort.


They greeted you as soon as you checked in. 10255345_515633118541074_6385854097755669883_o And took your seat. 10355645_515910771846642_4693490557475239137_o  These tabby siblings were everywhere. On the walkways.


In the shade.


On the grass. 614849_515553288549057_2085461102948795016_o

And outside of our room. IMG_6283

How do I know those tabbies weren’t the same cat? Check them out. IMG_6275


And of course they were in the dining room. IMG_6257

Who could resist “the look”? IMG_6304

I’m going to stay at another Iberostar location in Mexico and I hope the cats are TNR’d there as well.

Debbie Beadle says:

The orange one and Male “tuxie ” are still here ! November 30, 2019

Vanessa says:

Thank you for sharing, Debbie, that’s great news! Hope you enjoyed your stay there as well. Regards, Vanessa

Pamela Annes says:

OMG! That is what Heaven would be to me. I want to go there!

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