Feral Cats in the Fall

Ever since Dice’s death last week the cats in my yard were not acting the same. Although Bouncy Bear was around constantly hoping for wet food, Dash and Funny Face disappeared for awhile. Funny Face was quite bonded to Dice so I worried about him.


This week the colony cats seem to have regrouped and are again around a lot more. Autumn always makes me a bit sad because it also means the end of the garden, but this year I decided to try to embrace the changing season more. The Feral Flowers are trimmed back, the tomatoes are harvested, and I added pumpkins and gourds for decoration.


I also placed an extra straw bale in the  garden. It has turned out to be a big hit – the cats love to lounge on it. IMG_8605

Bouncy Bear falls asleep on it regularly.


Dash is kind of exploring the whole yard again on his own. IMG_8583 IMG_8594 IMG_8664

Funny Face is definitely more skittish again. I still believe he has a secret life outside of my garden, but I’m glad he comes for dinner.  IMG_8617 IMG_8619 IMG_8624

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