Feral Flowers: From the Garden to the Flower Shop

This summer I became a Flower Farmer.


I’ve been cutting the flowers in my garden and transporting them to Forget Me Knodt for purchase since July. This project has been a great success so far, and there are still more flowers available.


This was the first experimental bouquet I made. It also features an ear tipped cat sculpture that my friend Julia made. These sculptures are also available for purchase. First feral flowers

I sent this photo to Janessa, my friend who owns the shop, and she loved it. It was time to start cutting!


The flower buckets filled up quickly. Feral Flowers harvest

Mooha, as always, supervised. Mooha helps

Jim let me borrow his truck for transport. feral flowers transport

Once at Forget Me Knodt the flowers are processed – the low leaves and stems are cut. flower cutting table

Janessa arranged the blooms in a gorgeous shop display that’s been there ever since. There’s signage explaining what the flowers are for, including the eartipped cat sculpture, and even a portrait my dad drew of me and the cats. Forget Me Knodt display

I especially love this part of the table because it incorporates EVERYTHING about this project, especially the Forget Me Nots. They have done remarkably well as cutting flowers! Forget Me Knodt display

Janessa’s dog Madz is great at sales. She loves cats, even though they don’t necessarily love her back. Maddie in the flowers shop

As always, zillions of zinnias. They seem to be my specialty. zillions of zinnias

Even this little cat got her own zinnia. Eartipped cat sculpture

Janessa’s shop is just as inviting outside as it is inside. Check out her enticing summer window display.

Forget Me Knodt summer display window

So far the flowers have been a great success. I especially love it when people send me photos of their Feral Flowers Bouquets in their homes.
Purchased feral flowers bouquet

purchased feral flowers bouquet

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