Fosters to the Rescue

Remember Knox? Well, actually her name is now Maddox. She was brought by someone to Anti-Cruelty Society, ACS. ACS brought her to Chicago Animal Care and Control, CACC, where her paperwork was filled out as “per ACS, feral not able to touch, will bite.” Because she was assessed as being feral, she was scheduled to be killed. When I visited CACC, their amazing volunteer group, the CACC Cat Transfer Team, showed me Maddox. The original plan was to TNRelocate her into a caretaker’s backyard.

Maddox is now officially being fostered by her rescuer caretaker. She was admitted into Tree House Humane Society’s “foster to the floor” program, where the foster pet parent cares for the cat and takes her to Tree House’s clinic for scheduled medical care until there is room in their shelter. It’s an amazing program that helps get these cats off the street and makes sure they are healthy while easing them back into indoor life.

Maddox gets along with other cats and seems to understand that she has been given a second chance. Please contact Tree House if you are interested in adopting her.

Maddox was frightened, not feral.

Maddox was frightened, not feral.

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