Get Well, Vito!

Vito is a former outdoor colony cat from the V Colony. When my friend from the Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition was trapping there in 2011, she noticed how friendly Vito was right away. She TNReturn’ed him at first, but then he kept jumping into her car when she would come back to try and trap some more. I agreed to foster him.

Vito did not stay in my house long. As soon as my friends and band mates from The Columbines saw him, they pretty much took him into their home. Recently Vito has been acting funny, so they took him to the vet where they discovered a mass in his jaw. If you look closely you can kind of tell here. It’s on the right side.

Vito on his favorite cat ledge.

A mass can either be benign or cancer. Please keep your fingers crossed that the test results come back negative!

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