Happy New Year for Woodrow!

Woodrow Whiskers became sick earlier this month and has been indoors with his feeder ever since. I took him to the vet multiple times and with antibiotics and pain medications, he seemed to get well quickly and enjoyed being indoors. His feeder took good care of him, but could not afford the vet care. Your donations really helped him out and I am incredibly grateful.


Woodrow is now in another foster home through Tree House. I took him to their clinic yesterday, where they think his bladder problems are a result of cystitis. He also needs a dental. Once he is fully vetted he will be admitted into their shelter.


I am so thankful for Tree House helping me rescue cats like Woodrow. Cheers to a New Year, and a new beginning for him.  IMG_7108

Dawn says:

love him.. Happy New Year to you

Steve Maziarka says:

I am not on Facebook but we are interested in meeting Woodrow and possibly adopting him into our cat family. Please contact me at my email address.

Vanessa says:

Hi Steve, that’s great news! If you’re interested in meeting Woodrow, the contact information for him is included in this link. https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/31040243/

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