Heating Pads, Food and Water Bowls All Plugged In

I’m out of extension cords.

Here’s Dash enjoying fresh, clean, room-temperature water outside in sub-zero weather thanks to the magic of my outdoor outlets. There’s another heated water dish behind him with a bowl of wet food kept warm inside. You can see the electric cord running out of his cat house, connected to a heating pad that the cats can lay on. I’ve got two other cat houses also with heating pads plugged in. I TNR’d Dash in 2007 and this is his first winter with warming pads. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying it and stays in my yard a lot longer now. The cats don’t even touch the electric cords. I’m glad I finally upgraded to electricity, but it was time because the outdoor cats here are losing a lot of shelter in my area. There’s construction being done for a new park and lots of vacant homes are being torn down.

I’m thinking I should wrap holiday lights around this set-up and maybe even add a Nativity scene.  Dash plugged in

Allison says:

Very cozy setup! So lucky to be in your care!

Speaking of nativity scenes, did you see this? I can’t help but laugh picturing the cats tossing the baby Jesus out of the manger.


Allison says:

So sorry! I just saw the link in your post.

Vanessa says:

Thanks for the kind words!

No apologies necessary, it’s a great story and link that deserves to be shared again and again! My favorite part is that those cats are ear tipped.

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