Injured Cat Trapped at Pallet Colony

Jeeves is the 20th cat trapped at the Pallet Colony this year. And there are still more to be TNR’ed.


Joann trapped Jeeves last week. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You can see he’s drooling, most likely from stress, and not feeling well in general. Joann took him to PAWS Chicago for his TNR surgery, where they discovered he had a wound, most likely from a bite, that required stitches. As part of their TNR package, they cleaned and stitched the wound, and gave him a shot Convenia to offset infection. PAWS is the only clinic that will include these services for feral cats in Chicago for free. We are immensely grateful for this service.


Jeeves then required just the regular amount of recovery time since he was trapped before infection set in. He is back and happy with his colony.


We’ve been really lucky with this colony so far as they have all been healthy and without injury until Jeeves. Also, every cat we tested for FIV/FeLV for shelter admission has turned out negative.


When Joann returned him, she talked to Ron, the colony’s main feeder, and saw at least ten cats in his yard. Some were already ear tipped and TNR’d by us, and some were not. She also met Ron’s landlord, who brought out his pet cat to show Joann. This cat also needs to be neutered.


They knew all about Jeeves, and said he liked to fight. Typically tom cats like this have those big old cheeks, and are fighters since they are looking to mate. Jeeve’s fighting days are over as he is now neutered, and he will calm down once his testosterone levels go down after his surgery.


Joann and I will go back to the site this week with multiple traps to see if we can get more cats. Most likely we’ll be also accidentally trapping ear tipped cats, which is why it’s great to have extra traps on hand for these projects.

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