Introducing the Carport Colony

Terri has been TNR’ing her backyard colony for a few years now. Currently there are about a half dozen TNR’d cats, but there are some newcomers.


She has a completely private, enclosed backyard where the cats have free reign, and shelter in her garage.


I’ve written about Terri before. This is her car. Obviously she parks in the garage. IMG_0351

I offered to trap the new cats, and set traps all around her yard. IMG_0601

Unfortunately I only trapped ear tipped cats, and after a few nights I decided to call this a wrap for now. The new cats must also have other food sources. There are a lot of colonies in this area that we are working on.


But I did get to see this ear tipped tortie every day. She is smart. She would sit by the feeding station and wait for me to place the leftover bait of sardines there. IMG_0610

Thank you for caring for these cats, Terri! I look forward to working with you again.

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