Kitten Season

Spring has sprung! To me this means the feral cats start going crazy and really enjoying themselves outside. We even named two of the cats in my yard Springy and Sprungy when we trapped them one April because we had no idea they existed. They just showed up late one night in our yard.

Since then just one of them has become a permanent part of the James Gang Colony and we call him Springy Sprungy, or sometimes Funny Face.

Springy Sprungy has begunny.

Springy Sprungy has begunny.

What spring really means to cat colony caretakers is that it’s the start of kitten season. Though at this point it seems like kitten season is happening year round. I feel like I have gotten the colonies in my area under control since I have not found kittens since 2009. At this point the new cats that are showing up in the colonies are really indoor/outdoor cats or dumped pet cats. I will still TNR them as fast as I can.

If you manage colonies and provide shelters for them chances are the mom cats will utilize those shelters. This is the family I found in 2009 at the Eleanor Rigby Colony Clover's family


Erica says:

OMG! You found them in this kitty condo?!?! This is so cute!! WOW!

Vanessa says:

Yes, they were born in that kitty condo and lived there for a few weeks!

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