Meet Freckles the Feral Cat, TNR’d in 2007

Freckles the feral cat was TNR’d during the Fourth of July holiday in 2007 by Trudy, another dedicated colony caretaker and Cats in My Yard fan. Trudy provides Freckles with daily food, water and shelter, but he still won’t let her touch him. Freckles is a great example of how feral cats can live long, healthy lives outdoors. And Trudy is a kindred spirit in that she diligently provides care for the feral and stray cats while making sure to TNR the feline colonies. Freckles is a lot like Dash, a feral cat from my yard who was also TNR’d in 2007 and has been visiting my feeding station ever since, but still won’t let me anywhere near him. Freckles

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