Melissa Rescues Injured Cat from Negligent Owner

Melissa B. found an injured cat Saturday at one of her feral cat feeding stations. He was limping, with visible bite wounds on his neck and front paw.


Morris is a friendly cat with an owner that lets him outdoors. He told Melissa before that Morris was already neutered. When Morris showed up injured, his owner told Melissa he will not take him to the vet and cannot afford any costs. He said she could take him and find him a new home if she wanted to.


She took him straight to Roscoe Village Animal Hospital once the owner got him into the carrier on Sunday. Thank goodness for vets that are open on Sundays!

IMG_4488 His front paw was wounded and infected. IMG_4487 He also had bite wounds by his ears. IMG_4489 IMG_4490

Morris had to be sedated in order to flush and clean his wounds.  A radiograph showed that nothing was broken at least. He tested FeLV-, but tested a very faint positive for FIV. The vet said that may be because he is currently sick and injured, and that his body may reverse the results once he’s recovered. Fingers crossed! He also is most certainly not neutered as the owner claimed, but he will be later of course. He will also most likely need some dental work as well in the future.


Morris’ paw looked pretty rough afterwards.  IMG_4485

Morris was sent home in an e-collar with additional medication and antibiotics, with instructions to administer them daily for the next two weeks. Melissa has been doing the best she can with him, but he is spraying since he is not neutered, and started drooling and sneezing. Despite all of that, he is still very friendly and seeking attention. IMG_4484

Morris’ total medical costs so far are $372.40. Melissa can not afford any additional bills because of her own rescue dogs’ medical needs and she is in the process of moving, so I covered the costs. Please consider making a donation to help us help Morris and more cats like him. Donations can be made through the Paypal link at the top of this page, and through [email protected] invoice for baby 01-17-16-2

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