Networking for Feral Cats

I was talking to a co-worker who mentioned a friend of hers has “tons” of cats outside on her block. We started talking about TNR, and it turns out her friend lives in one of the zip codes that Tree House Humane Society is helping with their targeted TNR grant.

This friend does not feed the cats because she has a dog that likes to chase them. But everyone else on her block feeds, including the neighbors on both sides of her. I went over there to take a look, and yes, saw at least six cats outside during the late afternoon.

These cats lounge in a beautifully kept garden, are well-fed, and have shelter in the iron works business next door.

Feral cats playing follow the leader.

I am calling these cats the Iron Works Colony.

This is an ideal situation for the cats to breed, and the neighbors estimated there were anywhere from six to fifteen cats in this colony. The cats are fed twice a day, by multiple houses, and look quite smug about it, as they should.

Who is hunting who?

Some of the cats are very friendly.

I bet this cat would stay inside once he's fixed.

And they all seem really comfortable.

When are they going to stop talking about us and just give us food?

I hope we can get this colony TNR’ed in time for the winter.

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