Please Donate and Help Cats Like Woodrow

My credit card company must think I like to travel only to eat bad airport food and then go to the vet and Petsmart all the time when I’m home. IMG_9647

December has been insane and full on emergency mode when I’m in town on my days off from work. We TNReturned a colony, got seven kittens and one adult cat off the street, and vetted Woodrow Whiskers, who is now being fostered for adoption. The $486 in vet bills are all his. He is now a happy, healthy cat that is loving the attention indoors. Any amount helps me keep helping cats like him. You can donate through Paypal at [email protected], or through the Paypal button at the top of this page.


Woodrow thanks you! If you’d like to adopt, foster, or just want to visit him, he loves to play patty cake with his polydactyl paws. IMG_9615

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