Raccoons In My Yard

A raccoon visited my feral cat feeding station last night.

If you do not want to feed the other wildlife, set up a feeding schedule for your feral cat colonies. Cats will acclimate very quickly to your schedule, and it also makes it easier to trap them in the future for TNR.

In my case, I live right off the Bloomingdale Trail and Humboldt Park, so there is all kinds of wildlife around. I don’t want raccoons in my yard, though, because the cat food is not really good for them, and if they do get into a fight with one of the cats, the raccoon will always win. Thankfully the cats seem to disappear whenever one appears.

I was surprised to see this one because they normally visit my yard only in the summer because of my garden. They especially love the grapes that run along the entire length of one of my fences. They’re like monkeys hanging out in trees, so we added appropriate monkey music made by my alter-ego, Vansassa.

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