Winterizing Your Outdoor Cat Shelters

Once again, it’s time to clean the outdoor cat houses I’ve placed throughout the neighborhood for the colony cats.


I compost the old straw, take out the pink insulation sheets, and then hose down the bins. IMG_8638

Then I replace the insulation sheets as needed using the old ones as a template, and fill the bin with fresh straw.


This time Mooha inspected each bin carefully. IMG_8646

Even Funny Face’s curiosity got the best of him. IMG_8685


How can I skip the stories of individual cats and just find how to find info on the blog: healthcare suggestions, housing, waste collection and disposal, etc. I’m sure you and readers have ideas to share. I can’t bear to read another teary story about old cats or kittens or…I have enough of those of my own. I suspect others who maintain small colonies have as well. Don’t mean to be petty but I really need ideas that d purport our efforts more than warm fuzziness m I’m al tee easy committed.
By the way, those open cell political signs candidates leave all over the place make pretty good insulation. I liked the article on use of tubs. I have used all sorts of containers but never thought to cut holes in tubs.

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