RIP Sickie from the Armando Colony

We started on the first round of TNR of the Armando Colony on Monday this week. This colony is a mix of about 17 cats and kittens.


Nine adult cats were brought into the clinic, including Sickie. Unfortunately Sickie died during her surgery due to multiple complications, including excessive bleeding. The clinic also saw that her lymph node was attached to her intestines. They worked on her for hours, but she was just too sick.


The feeder obviously named Sickie for a reason. He said she was always suffering from colds and URI – upper respiratory infection. Obviously something was going on with her. The feeder took the news in stride, and is extremely thankful for all of our hard work so far. I am so thankful that during her life, Sickie had a lot of feline friends to hang out with, and a colony feeder that cared for all of them. He had her ever since she was a kitten, and was one of his favorite cats because she was so vocal and bonded to him. She did not die alone suffering on the street – she was under the expert care and compassion of the clinic.


RIP Sickie. You were loved by all of us. IMG_9250

Dawn says:

: ( RIP baby

Maryann Collins says:

You did the best you could for her. That is all any of us can do.

It was a pleasure meeting you today. You are doing great work.

Vanessa says:

Thanks, Maryann, for your kind words and for all that you do! It was wonderful meeting you today.

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