Hattie is Still Available for Adoption

Ruby was admitted into Harmony House last November and renamed Hattie. 12697198_1551951451782290_2578968556084279514_o

Hattie was a part of the Kitchen Colony, and was way too friendly to stay outside. She would run right up to all of us for pets, starting from the first time we met her. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Her long-haired coat is absolutely gorgeous, and it was impossible not to oblige. Someone outside could easily harm her because she was so trusting.


The other colony cats would also pick on her, and not let her eat. Patrice, their colony caregiver, was pretty concerned about her well-being.


After Joann fully vetted her and fostered her for a bit, Harmony House agreed to admit Hattie into their adoption program. She is still available. She is pretty shy there, which therein lies the conundrum that caregivers face – cats behave differently in different scenarios. Hattie may be a little overwhelmed by all of the cats and activity around her in a new surrounding. She is cared for beautifully there, and when we visited her, the other cats all wanted to make friends. But you can see Hattie is a bit nervous with all of them around her. IMG_4099

Harmony House is a wonderful facility and a really fun place to visit. This cross-eyed cat there caught my eye especially. IMG_4100

There’s a beautiful view from the outside as well. IMG_4102

We’re grateful to this day that Harmony House agreed to help Hattie so quickly. We hope Hattie will be adopted soon.



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