All Six Avondale Kittens Are Ready for Second Round of Vaccines

Robin F. has been fostering the six kittens trapped from the Avondale TNR Project ever since they were first brought to PAWS Chicago’s clinic.


We are so grateful to have her as a foster and her expertise in socializing! The kittens have come a long way since being born in an old garage in Avondale. They were pretty scared when they were first trapped.


Now they’re all very playful, although some are still more shy than others. IMG_3370


I still can’t tell them apart, but I’m hoping to remedy that tonight. Joann and I are picking them up now from Robin’s house, and they’re going to spend the night here at my house. Then tomorrow we’re taking them to PAWS for their second round of vaccinations and possible admission. Fingers crossed their appointment goes well!


Check out their head shots. Yes, every single one of these is a different kitten. IMG_7518 IMG_3333 IMG_3331 IMG_3330 IMG_3328 IMG_3327

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