Thank you for Your Continued Support and Partying With Us!

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

–Albert Schweitzer

This past weekend we hosted our annual party for our friends including food, drinks and performances in our Caffeinated Recordings studio downstairs. Everyone that comes to these parties contributes in some way and I’d like to thank all of them for making it even more fun every year.

This year I also wanted to highlight TNR and outdoor cat colony management and our friends’ generosity, interest and compassion really inspired me.

Lots of people saw the cats in my yard that night and were really interested in their cat houses and how they were cared for. For some reason the cats decided to stay late this year and show off. I’m thrilled that more and more people are learning about TNR and accepting that it is the most humane, effective way to care for the colony cats and ultimately reduce the outdoor cat population overall.

One Wing Low performed that night and it turned out that their drummer knew Erica, the TNR staff person at Tree House Humane Society, because she was currently fostering four kittens from a local TNR project. They had no idea they were going to end up at the same party!

People gave money online and in person, and brought supplies for the cats, including food, medicine and materials for the cat houses.

I’d like to thank our motley crew of musicians and artists for their donations, including, Mark from Cmn ineed ur hlp, Christy and John from Nonagon, Lisa, Bruno and Jovanka, Shepy/Jay, Liz, and Erica. Also, thank you Dorota, for your online donation! I’d like to meet you someday.

I’m embarrassed because I know I’m missing some people, but please give me a break or a private message to remind me – the party went on until 5am!

Mooha, the studio cat.

Mooha, the studio cat.


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