The Audubon Society Advocates Killing Outdoor Cats

Ted Williams of the National Audubon Society published an editorial in the Orlando Sentinel saying that people should put Tylenol in cat food and leave it outdoors to poison the outdoor cats.

If you are against this, sign Alley Cat Allies’ petition.

The Audubon Society responded to the public outcry and edited William’s story. They also put out a statement saying they do not support poisoning stray and feral cats with Tylenol, but they still advocate to trap cats and bring them to local shelters. They are anti-TNR.

I agree that indoor pet cats should be kept indoors for the safety of the cats and wildlife.

However, stray and feral cats are outside through no fault of their own. I practice Trap-Neuter-Return to help contain the colonies’ populations. I feed and provide shelter for the cats. Since feral cats are opportunistic feeders they will conserve their energy and look for the free handout, rather than spending time and energy hunting for food.

Birds and other wildlife also appear to be opportunistic feeders. I have seen them eat cat food that I left out. I try not to leave out cat food all day for this reason, but I have seen birds hop into my cat feeding areas looking for food. What if they were to eat cat food that was poisoned?

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