The TNR of Puffy the Feral Cat

Remember Puffy McWonder Tail? Well, I trapped him Saturday night, and took him to PAWS Chicago for his TNR Treatment on Sunday.  Puffy McWonder Tail I named him well, because he was pissy, hissy, huffy and puffy the entire time. He would not stop lunging or growling every time he heard me or saw me peek under the cover of his trap. PAWS’ Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic was filled with rambunctious dogs, and Puffy was not fazed. You could hear him growling the entire time.

Here he is after being recovered from his neuter surgery, and he clearly wants out. Puffy after being TNR'd

He even managed to get an extra lunge at me when I released him back into my yard.

I love it when the cats act like that because there’s no question to return them back outside. That being said, I have seen aggressive male cats turn into lap cats once the testosterone has completely left their body after the surgery. But in the meantime, Puffy clearly wants to be left alone outside.

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