TNR and End Petlessness Campaign in Oregon

I went to Portland a few times last week and stumbled upon their Cat in Repose sculpture. Cat In Repose sculpture in Portland Portland is one of my favorite layovers, but it is difficult to see so many homeless people, and many of these people have pets. Most of these pets are dogs, but I saw this woman with two kittens.

Homeless kittens in Portland The kittens were free to roam, but somehow they stayed at her side the entire time. I tried talking to her but there really was little I could do.

What I love about Portland is seeing all the billboards along the highway promoting the Oregon Humane Society and their End Petlessness Campaign. “Oregon’s animal adoptions are up 21.2 percent in the five years since the campaign began, which the Humane Society credits to the ads.” That is a HUGE increase! I also did some research and found out Trap-Neuter-Return is being done by the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. Fantastic! Perhaps next time I can try to visit one of these organizations.




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