TNR is Nationwide

I’ve been a flight attendant now for nine years and I love it. This week my trip consists of layovers all over Florida.

First stop yesterday was in Fort Lauderdale, where my sister lives. As soon as we pulled into her driveway, Joe, her neighbor’s indoor/outdoor cat that she feeds, came out for us. image

My sister also took me to see the peacocks that roam another neighborhood near her. There were cats hanging out as well, and they could not care less about these birds.

I was most excited to see that one of the cats was ear tipped! Trap-neuter-return is nationwide. image

Today I’m in a resort & spa near Fort Myers with pelicans, cormorants, and other sea birds. Tomorrow I’m hoping to wake up early and go on a boat ride across Estero Bay to the beach to see some manatees and dolphins along the way.

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