TNR’d Troika Include Canned Cat Food in List of Demands

Kriser’s gave another cat food donation to our pet food pantry this week to help feed the colony cats. This time it was cans of wet food from California Natural. If possible, colony cats should be fed wet food in the winter to help them bulk up on protein while staying hydrated. The James’ Gang Colony has gotten canned food all winter, but they really seemed to enjoy this particular brand. They quickly ran to the plate as soon as I put it out, forming what looked a little TNR’d Troika around the plate. Normally they do not all eat together in a group, but this brand was too enticing for them to wait and take turns.

We interrupt this revolution for nom nom noms.

We interrupt this revolution for nom nom noms.

They resorted back to silent protest when I told them that this food was to be shared with other colonies, yet again refusing to leave my yard. They have not figured out it’s hard for me to take these protests seriously when they do it all the time. But at least they’re consistent.

Also, when I picked up the cat food, a Kriser’s employee expressed interest in adopting a stray cat. I am hoping to put her in touch with my neighbors who are currently fostering Domino. Amazing.

Thank you again, Kriser’s, for helping us care for the outdoor stray and feral cats!

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