How EveryBlock Helped Me Keep Track of Free-roaming Cats

I found another cat that visit colonies across a major street. Last fall I saw Star visiting the Eleanor Rigby Colony.

I see cats and cat ladies. Where's the food?

I see cats and cat ladies. Where’s the food?

I tried trapping him but ended up trapping Gracie and Blackie again instead. I took the girls to get checked out at the clinic and re-vaccinated because it had been three years since they were first TNR’d.

The Eleanor Rigby Colony cats were not pleased when Star showed up. So he only came around once in awhile.

Who dat cat?

Who dat cat?

Star would not let me near him because he was freaked out by the other colony cats, but he definitely wanted food. Star

Then last month I saw a post on Everyblock about a black cat with a white patch on his chest found in my neighborhood. This was not the only time helped me connect with other people trying to help cats. These neighbors turned out to live a block away from me and have also been doing TNR. They named this cat Domino, and we’re pretty sure it’s the same cat as Star. This means he roamed for over a half-mile. Which is a good thing – Domino is actually very friendly and is now available for adoption.

Here is Domino recuperating after being treated for a tail wound. He will be neutered and fully vetted soon, ready for a new indoor home. He clearly does not want to roam anymore. Domino


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