Update on the Chester Colony: Kittens Available for Adoption!

Snowball was the eleventh cat we trapped from the Chester Colony. We wanted to get her the entire time because she looked pregnant, but she held out for another week until Joann finally was able to trap her.


She WAS pregnant. This is the third female adult cat from this colony that we TNR’d, and ALL of them were pregnant.


We recovered and returned Snowball fairly quickly to the colony because she was terrified in the trap. IMG_1098

Joann is also still fostering and socializing the two kittens from the colony, now named Ava and Apple. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They’re about four-five months old, from the same litter, both females, fully vetted, and both tested negative. They are shy, but really like pets and start purring when they start to trust you. They are available for adoption. Please contact me if you’re interested at [email protected]

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