Update on the Peacock Colony

Remember Paski, PavPav and Aga, the senior femme felines from the Peacock Colony? They were being fed outside, but the feeder really could not continue trying to care for them. They hung out on the porch railing like monorail cats, and hid under the garage for shelter.

Monorail alley cats.

It turned out that three ladies were already fixed, but had medical issues. Releasing them back outside was not a humane option. With the help of Tree House Humane Society, this little colony found an amazing retirement foster home.

These cats can stay together as a colony, now amidst soft blankets, fuzzy toys and cat towers.

We can stay, right?

Torties are tough. This is how I smile.

They look out of large windows at the wildlife, but no longer have to be a part of it.

Check out our room!

Check out our view!

These cats are not feral. According to Ignatz, the man who has been feeding them for the past five years, these three cats were part of a hoarder house across the street, and were turned out once the hoarder left.

They will stay in their foster home until a new cat sanctuary that is supposed to be open in May can welcome these ladies into retirement.

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