Woodrow Whiskers is Available for Adoption

Woodrow Whiskers is feeling much better now after his vet visits. He’s been indoors with his feeder for almost two weeks now.  IMG_9474

If you’d like to make a donation to his $485 vet bill there is a Paypal donation link at the top of this page, or you can email [email protected]


He had inflammation that made it hard for him to urinate, but the antibiotics and medical care has worked wonders on him.


I would be happy to share what the vet bill entailed should you have any questions. He is neutered, vaccinated, and tested negative.


He is available for adoption or fostering through Tree House. Here is the link to his Petfinder profile.


Please feel free to share so that we can get this polydactyl boy adopted into an indoor home. He is clearly comfortable there. IMG_9429



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