Maxfield the Injured Feral Cat Rested, Recovered, and was TNReturned Today

Maxfield made a full recovery from his neck wound and checked out of my feral recovery lounge today.


I finally was able to get a decent photo of him when I transferred him back into the trap from the crate today. He was aggressive and growled the entire time, which means he’s feeling a lot better. IMG_5162

Just look at him! Look at that face! That glower! I love him and the feeling is not mutual. Feral as F**k. My favorite kind of cat, and why my TNR obsession started. Sometimes they still need our help, but we’ve failed them so much. They still deserve dignity, but we don’t deserve their gratitude in return.


He cleaned up his face and started grooming, which is also a good sign. His face was banged up and he was sniffling last week. He was getting bored in the crate as I found it trashed every morning. He would use the litterbox, but then shred the puppy pads and pull in any towels covering the trap and crate.  It was time for him to go back out.


George from Chicago TNR picked him up. She had five other cats in her Feral Mobile to return back to various sites. IMG_5167

These two cats were going back with Maxfield to their site in West Englewood. They are most likely siblings or offspring of Maxfield. Same glower. Same long hair. Same feral stare.


At least these guys weren’t wounded. We have no idea how Maxfield was injured, but I’m so thankful that George trapped him in time to treat it.


This handsome brown tabby boy from another site is pretty friendly, and George was bringing him back to a south side feeder who is willing to work with him for socialization, and possible placement into a no-kill shelter in the future. IMG_5165  This orange guy is very friendly and George is trying to get him into a foster home. IMG_5169

He’s friends with this other orange guy, who’s a bit more feral. IMG_5171

If anyone is interested in fostering these cats or other friendly cats from our TNR projects, please contact me at [email protected]


Godspeed, Maxfield, and all of you beautiful feral creatures!



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